27 Aug. 2018

Encouraging your child to learn their numbers and counting is an important part of their learning. Giving them a head start in their development before school can be very beneficial. I put together this counting and sorting activity just by pulling a few things out of the cupboard so it's very easy to set up. All I used was a muffin baking tray, a piece [...]

04 Jul. 2018

Last month I started a new nanny position with two lovely little girls and the 3 year old loves to bake! We have made lots of cookies and this week we made some princess cupcakes. Not just any ordinary cupcakes though, these cupcakes were made using cannellini beans. You are probably thinking 'that sounds gross' but actually they turned out very tasty and even better, [...]

30 Jun. 2018

This week in Kent has been full of sunshine, it's been wonderful. Most of this week I have been getting my nanny children out in the sun (obviously sun creamed up first) as much as possible. The mandatory paddling pools have been pumped and filled, sand pits out and water play trays been pulled out, what could be better? Oh yes, having fun in the [...]

08 Mar. 2018

Lately myself and my nanny children were stuck indoors due to the pouring rain outside. We were looking for some activities to keep us busy. We decided to pop to our nearest pound store where we stocked up on various beauty products. Such as hair brushes, make up brushes, hair accessories and a little bit of children's make up. We only spent around £10 worth [...]

01 Mar. 2018

This term my four year old nanny charge has been learning about positional language at school. He comes home with homework and our mission was to practise using his positional language in his home environment. Positional language is words such as under, over, on top, under, behind, in front inside and outside and so on. Using positional language is important for development as it enhances [...]

27 Dec. 2017

I haven't blogged for a couple of months! It's been a hectic time with work, illnesses and getting ready for Christmas that I just haven't had a lot of spare time. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I am currently in Iceland for a few days which you can hear about in my next blog.  A few weeks ago however I made bread [...]

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