18 Sep. 2017

New Blog Design Some of you may have noticed that I have a new blog design on Nanny Jenni! If you haven't make sure you check it all out. I have a new banner design and some beautiful category buttons. If you like them and are interested on who designed them for me go and check out Ellie Illustrates. This is her website https://ellieillustrates.co.uk/. Ellie Illustrates [...]

01 Sep. 2017

Yes, this post is ANOTHER easy three-ingredient homemade slime recipe. I like to use the slime recipes that don't include borax as an ingredient. Borax has been known to give children chemical burns and breathing problems. I wont use borax in any craft activity because I don't want to take the risk. This recipe though is very easy and borax free! If you would like [...]

18 Aug. 2017

Do you ever struggle with activities to do with your child that's outdoors? Well, I have put together 10 outdoor children's activities ideas here for you! 10 Outdoor Children's Activities         1. Go bug hunting! One of my nanny children in particular loves bugs. He hates it when they come too near to him though and god forbid they land on him. [...]

11 Aug. 2017

This week has been full of science experiments including the smell game! The smell game is a simple game that is very fun and educational for children. It encourages children to use their sense of smell to identify various scents. Plus it's lots of fun and easy to set up! All your need is: Some shot glasses I chose to use various foods in the kitchen [...]

09 Aug. 2017

Color Scavenger Hunt Your preschooler is familiar with the colours in her crayon box, but can they find these colours in the world? Take them on a colour scavenger hunt. Do this activity when flowers are in bloom or be prepared to visit a pumpkin patch to make orange easier to find! A great way to get your family outdoors while honing a young nature lover’s powers of [...]

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