We Went to Drusillas Park!

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26 Oct. 2016
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By: Jenni

As it’s half term I like to take the boys to different places a bit further out. During term time I can’t really take my 3 year old out places too far away. Just in case I need to pick up the 5 year old early from school. So we decided to visit one of the named top zoo’s in England, Drusillas Park!

I’ve never visited this zoo before and the five year old told me he hadn’t been either. But it’s great for children! As you enter you are greeted by different breeds of monkeys (which was the 3 year olds favourite). There were also different types of snakes, which literally came to the glass to meet us!

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As you walk a bit further in there is actually a section dedicated to farm animals. You have little interactive games and lift the flaps to learn interesting facts about the animals too. There was a pull the rope game, which was rather fun called ‘Zoolympics’. This ‘Zoolympic’ challenge tested your strength against a Fox, a Beaver, a Serval and a Carthorse. The 5 year old and myself could actually match the Fox, the Beaver and the Serval’s strength surprisingly! But neither of us could match the carthorse’s strength! Throughout the zoo there are more ‘Zoolympics’ challenges. Such as:

  • A challenge to time yourself to match an animals speed
  • Comparing your weight to different species
  • How long can you stand on one leg (imitating flamingos).
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Thomas the Tank Engine!

Now for any one who has a (nanny) child crazy about Thomas the Tank Engine or trains in general this is the zoo to go to. Drusillas have a Thomas the Tank Engine you can take a ride in around the park. At the moment where Halloween is arriving soon, they have just added a Halloween themed tunnel with spider webs, spiders, and skeletons inside. There is a sign outside the ride warning passengers just in case though. After the ride the 5 year old even said “Jenni I don’t know why they were warning us it was scary because it wasn’t!” and the 3 year old loved seeing all the pretend spiders!


Once you have completed the trail around the zoo and you have seen everything, you can relax and watch your (nanny) children play in the huge park area! There are sections so all ages can play.


On out way out of the zoo I was in desperate need for a coffee and luckily I noticed there is a Starbucks coffee take away bar just outside the exit – perfect! However, the 5 year old took this time to tell me he wanted to take an ice cream in the car which I had to say no to. Instead I convinced him he wanted to try his first ever ‘ice cream in a cup with strawberry sauce (meaning no spills!). He them downed his ‘ice cream in a cup with strawberry sauce’ within seconds! The ‘ice cream in a cup with strawberry sauce’ I am referring to is actually a ‘strawberries and cream’ drink just bought from Starbucks! I then had a peaceful drive back home with two boys fast asleep in the back of the car.

This was a perfect day out!

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