Should you give your Nanny a Christmas Bonus?

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06 Nov. 2016
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By: Jenni

I have recently read an article about if you should give your nanny a Christmas bonus. I found it a really interesting read.

It is purely down to the family to decide whether they want to or can give their nanny a bonus. A nanny cares for your children and is their to support you too. However, a nanny (in my opinion) shouldn’t expect a bonus from their family.

I have only been working as a nanny since March 2015 so been with my nanny family for 20 months. Last year I received a wonderful Christmas bonus and presents. I had only been in the position for 9 months. I was so grateful and did not expect it in the slightest. This was the first time I received a bonus before, so I was surprised when I received one!

There is no obligation to give a Christmas bonus – but it is a lovely way of showing that you appreciate your nanny and a way of saying thank you for all their hard work they have done for your family.

The article I read was a little shocking. I read that some nannies would actually consider leaving their nanny family if they didn’t receive a bonus! Myself personally I would never consider leaving my nanny family if I don’t receive another bonus. I love my nanny children too much and they mean more to me than a bonus to leave them!

We have to bare in mind that having a nanny CAN be costly to a family and may not be able to financially afford a bonus on top of our wages, petrol expenses, pension, Oftsed registration, first aid courses etc.

Sometimes a simple home made card from the children is the best gift to receive!

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