Confessions of a Nanny

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14 Nov. 2016
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By: Jenni
  1. I love my nanny children – it’s all real. You spent a lot of time with your nanny children. Sometimes even more time than your own family or friends in the week. I’m honestly dreading the day where I will have to leave my nanny family. There will be many tears shed.
  1. I personally love being invited to the boys’ birthday parties. I also feel very proud when my 5 year old gets ‘star of the week’ in assembly or gets good scores in his spellings tests, even down to hearing him progress at his reading.
  1. I’m a big kid at heart so I love all the craft activities, pretend play and all the Disney films.
  1. I genuinely love it even when I’m not working my nanny family still send me pictures and messages about the boys. They send me post cards when they go away (that I still have pinned on my fridge) and I keep all of the pictures, cards the boys have made for me or given me for my birthday or at Christmas.
  1. Nap time is like a god send. Both of us need it. The 3 year old needs to refuel – not just physically but emotionally. Nap time is also good for the nanny. We get to sit down (trust me as nannies we don’t get to do a lot of that!), we actually get to eat and drink – if my 3 year old doesn’t sleep I have gone days where I have been too busy to stop and make myself a proper lunch or even drink enough. If we have also had a toddler screaming at us and throwing tantrums all morning, we need a bit a quiet time ourselves.
  1. Nannying for me is the best job. I’m a teacher, a role model, a chef, a friend and a confidant.
  1. As nannies we see everything. We experience all the tantrums – even down to the smallest thing of having the wrong cup. Sometimes they aren’t always perfect angels and turn into little monsters. They hit, bite, spit, pinch, push, scream and shout. They bicker, argue with their siblings, throw and break things. But at the end of the day even if we have had the most stressful day, we still love and care for our nanny children. We still manage to keep patient, listen and do our utmost best to support our little angels (or monsters).
  1. We want an open relationship with our nanny family. When we our honest about your children’s behaviour – we are not blaming you or criticising in any way. We get it; they are small still and still learning. We are honest so you are aware and so we can work together on managing their behaviour. It can also be hurtful if the parents don’t support you.
  1. It can be really difficult when parents work from home. Some nannies even avoid positions when parents mention they will be working from home as it can cause issues. Also when the parents’ work from home being undermined can be an issue. If you undermine your nanny, especially in front of the children, it can be very hurtful and then cause issues. The children will then learn that they can play you against their parents and decide that they don’t have to listen to you as their parents then say it’s ok.
  1. One thing that annoys me is when you don’t wash your own dishes. I have worked with a family who would leave their dirty pans and dishes from their evening dinner and would leave it for me to clean up the next day. We are nannies, we care for your children, we tidy your children’s rooms, do their washing and ironing. Cleaning your evening dishes is not part of our job role. That would be more of a housekeeping role.

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