New Beginnings

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04 Jan. 2017
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By: Jenni

New beginnings. I have just started a new nanny position part time to slot in well with the boys. The role is with 5 year old girl twins and an almost 3 year old boy.

I haven’t had a lot of luck over the past few months finding the right family. Something has always been wrong. Whether it’s been I didn’t click well with the parents (or children), not the right hours or pay. I’ve also been taken advantage of in regards of house chores – leaving 6 weeks worth of dirty clothes washing for me to clean and iron is a big no no. It has been a tough search to say the least to find the right family for me. But I think I have finally found one.

Firstly, event hough the children are being challenging – to be fair I am a new person in their lives and they are going to push boundaries and test me, the parents have been 100% supportive. They have backed me up completely, defended me and have made sure the children know that I am now in charge and not to mess with me.

The children are sweet and fun to be with so I am looking forward to blogging about our new adventures!