Learning Colours Activity for Children

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02 Feb. 2017
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By: Jenni

My three year old nanny charge has been struggling learning colours. So I thought I would try a different approach to teaching him them. Also to check there wasn’t a possibility he was actually in fact colour blind.

Someone recently told my about the website twinkl.co.uk which is full of teaching resources used by schools. So I roamed their site and found some colour sorting play dough mats. I printed them out and searched around the house for random toys and items of various colours. Or you can buy some coloured bears that schools use to help teach colours to children.

Although he was a bit confused at first, he managed match to the correct colours. He seemed to really enjoy himself.

He was able to match the objects to the correct coloured mats. Such a simple and great activity to try. It is a great to teach your children their colours and encourages sorting objects.