Go Jumpin Take 2 

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04 Feb. 2017
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Go Jumpin Take 2!

Yesterday I thought I would surprise my 5 year old nanny charge after school. I had arranged a playdate for his little friend to come home with us for dinner and then to go to the trampoline place I had previously taken his 3 year old brother to (look at previous blog to find what happened!)

Obviously he was over the moon to have his little friend come over to play. He loved showing her his bedroom where he has his own salt water fish tank with Clown Fish (Biff and Charlie), crabs, snails and his new Royal Gramma Basslet that still has no name. If anyone has any ideas for a unisex name let me know!

They had a feast consisting of pizza, dough balls and garlic bread and of course dip dip (ketchup). Then we headed off to go trampolining.

As soon as we got there the 3 year old remembered our last visit and starts crying hysterically telling me he wants to stay in the car and he doesn’t want to bounce. So I just told him that we were going in. His brother and his friend will bounce and if he doesn’t want to we can just watch.

So the 5 year old and his friend were off. My 5 year old nanny charge loves to run around. He would rather run around the house than play with his toys. So this was the perfect play for him. He was truly in his element. A massive room which he could run and jump to his hearts content.

However, I sat on the side with his brother just watching at first. Just taking things slowly. Once he was calm enough, I picked him up and stood on one of the trampolines and slowly bounced. He seemed ok and I praised him.

We had a break with some drinks and we shared some chocolate. Then the 3 year old said “Jenni, I want to bounce now” and he was off.

Just proves if you try things again and take things slowly, even if your scared of something, you may just overcome your fears!