Pincer Movement – Child Behaviour

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07 Feb. 2017
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Pincer Movement 

So I’ve been at my new nanny role just over a month and really enjoying it. Each of them have their own little personalities and I really like them. Plus the extra bonus is the parents are lovely and so supportive.

But like most children when a new person comes into their life, children push boudaries and test the waters. Some children take longer than others. One of the twins however struggles a bit more than her two siblings.

MB (mum boss) and DB (dad boss) have been really good and we’ve all been working together to tackle the behaviour but we felt that we needed to get the school involved too.

I had a meeting this morning with the headteacher – brilliant and really knows her stuff. We had a long chat about how to encourage good behaviour and we came up with a plan called the pincer movement. Firstly we went into the twins classroom so the twins could see that we have spoken and could see us talk to their teachers. The headteacher and I then went to the twins… their faces truly dropped. The headteacher started off positive and explained she was happy to hear about all the good things I had told her about such as good listening and helping me. Then she said she was also sad to hear that they had made CHOICES to use bad behaviour. Then went to to say that I was going to email her every time they CHOOSE to use good behaviour and bad behaviour.

The headteacher gave me some really good advice to put into practice. Such as:

  • Using phrases such as ‘are you choosing to use bad behaviour’, noting ‘I like how you are choosing to use good behaviour and tidy your toys up so nicely’.
  • During tidy up time for example to give each child a section to be in charge of to tidy up.
  • To let them know that I will be keeping in touch with their headteacher to let her know about their good and their bad behaviour. (There will be stickers used as a reward system)
  • To use stickers or drawings of smiley faces to share with them for praise
  • To start the bedtime routine earlier

Hopefully these changes work!