The Hardest thing being a Nanny is Leaving

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09 Feb. 2017
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By: Jenni

The hardest thing being a nanny is leaving

A few months ago I was informed by my nanny family of almost two years that in a year or two they plan on moving away to Scotland. Dad is Scottish and they have family up there, including one of their offices for their business. They have already found and bought a beautiful family home.

At first my 5 year old was so excited. But recently he has been struggling. He doesn’t want to go to the new school and on top of that he found out I wouldn’t be his nanny anymore.

He has been quite emotional about it, even asking me if I could move up to Scotland with him because he wants me to be his nanny forever. I’ve been open with him. I’ve told him that I love him and his brother and it hurts me too that they will be moving away but we still have a year or two together. Even when we are not together they can always phone, message me, write and I can even come and visit.

I’ve not left a long term nanny family before but leaving your nanny children is painful. You grow attachments, care for and love these children. Almost be like secondary parents to them. It’s got to be the hardest part of being a nanny because eventually we are no longer needed. Children grow up or circumstances change.

I decided to buy a book to help. It’s called Nanny and Me by Florence Ann Romano. A beautiful book about a nanny and her nanny children and about all the memories they shared. If you are interested in purchasing this book yourself you can find it here Nanny and Me.

I wrote a poem and a special message inside so when they read their book they think of all the happy memories we’ve shared.