Sensory Play – Mess Free Painting Activity

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17 Feb. 2017
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Take a look at this amazing mess free painting activity. Plus you wont even get messy. Sounds amazing right?

All you need is for the mess free painting activity:

  • Cling film
  • Sellotape
  • paint

This is such a quick and fun activity to set up and mess free!

To set up:

  1. Roll out your cling film over a table and then cut to size. Then you will need to sellotape the cling film to the table.
  2. Once the cling film is sellotaped to the table, squirt some paint on top of the cling film. The more colours the better!
  3. Next get some more cling film roll it out over on top so it covers the paint. Cut the cling film to size and sellotape again on top of the paint. Make sure you seal all of the paint in and there are no holes for it to leak!

Encourage your children to mix the colours together!

When you are finished mixing and exploring the different colours all you need to do is peel the sellotape off and throw it away. All of the paint will stay inside of the cling film so no mess is made! Sounds perfect right?

This activity is very fun to play with. It could be a good activity idea if your child doesn’t like getting dirty.

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