Nanny Gift Guide

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06 Mar. 2017
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By: Jenni

If you have a nanny and struggle for gift ideas then I have a little guide to help you! Nobody says you have to get your nanny a gift for their birthday or for Christmas but if you want to then just take a look below.

Nanny gift guide

  1. Homemade card or gift from your children! Something sentimental is my favourite gift to receive. I love a written card appreciating all my hard work too!
  2. A gift experience voucher. For example, a spa day.
  3. This Christmas just gone one of my nanny families (the one I have been at for two years) got me a locket that was engraved. My mum boss did say she was going to get photos of the boys printed out for me to pop inside but she didn’t know if I would have liked that. YES! Myself for one would LOVE that.
  4. Get to know your nanny – find out what she/he likes. My new nanny family children that I started with in January went undercover asking me questions to get ideas for my birthday! I had no idea. I thought they were just getting to know me. They got me some bath bombs and something for my new house I’m moving into next week! My other family also got me socks for Christmas – I always wear socks with various pictures on – mainly cats and dinosaurs.
  5. Vouchers – if your going for vouchers unless you know you nanny well and know what she likes I would recommend getting an all in one voucher so she has options where to spend it.
  6. Cash – cash is always good – especially if we are saving for something – a new car, house or a holiday etc
  7. Flowers and/or chocolate
  8. I personally love a Funky Pigeon/Moonpig card with pictures of my nanny children on the front! I have kept every card I have ever received from my nanny children. Even children I have looked after over the years in nurseries.
  9. A paid day off – perhaps her birthday!
  10. Personalised gift – such as a photo of the children with a special frame, a coffee/tea mug or a photo book of the children.


*Just a little note*

This is a collection of ideas from nannies themselves. Some nannies said they don’t expect gifts, just a simple ‘happy birthday’ would do. The majority of nannies said they would prefer a thoughtful gift. This could be something that shows you know them well or something homemade!

If you are a nanny reading this comment below if you have any other suggestions! If you haven’t already go and check out my Parent Gift Guide!