Easter break: Part One!

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05 Apr. 2017
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By: Jenni

It has been a busy week and we are still only half way through the Easter break! I will be glad when this week is over as I definately need a rest. I am doing long hours this week but I have next week off!

Easter Break part one:

This week so far…

Day one: Monday

The trio – I arrived at 7am ready for my 11.5 hour day which turned into a 12 hour day plus one a&e visit. But before I get into that I will describe the good bits of the day! We had a lazy morning, got ready slowly while deciding what to do with our day. The park was the winner. It was a lovely day and we all had a wonderful time. The sun was out and all the children were in a great mood. We got back home and the trio were tired and grouchy so I gave them snacks and popped them in front of the tv for some down time.

Anyway, a bit later on, the twins came running up to me telling my their little brother had broken the curtains. I was more annoyed they were so happy and excited they thought they were getting their little brother into trouble. I sent all the kids to their rooms. Because yes – he did break something, also because his older sisters were happy about it. I had words with the little one and he understood that he shouldn’t have been swinging on the curtains. I also had words with the twins because they are the big sisters and if they noticed him doing something he is not meant to they should be encouraging him not to so he learns right from wrong.

Within 30 seconds of the twins talk one of them goes downstairs to get onto the kitchen bench and manages to slip and cut her chin open. Great. My first trip to a&e with one of my nanny children! Luckily she was fine and didn’t need stitches. Parents were ok. I got a really nice text from mum in the evening to thank me for everything.

Day two: Tuesday

The trio again! We ventured over the jump in trampolining place in Tonbridge, it was their first visit. At first they were all unsure. I think the safety video scared them. After some reassurance they were all fine and having a blast. We got home and played in the garden for a couple of hours  – they got absolutely filthy. After bath and dinner we watched ‘Tangled’ as a special treat – I had brought it over from my house for them to watch.

Day three: Wednesday 

The boys today! We had a wonderful day. First we visited the library and borrowed some books and went home to play and have some lunch. We went into the garden into the woods that is part of their garden and added some sticks onto their wigwam that is almost finished being built. If your not sure what a wigwam is it’s a little house shaped as a tent made out of sticks.

Later on we went swimming at Larkfield Leisure Centre in Larkfield. They have water slides, a lazy river and a wave machine. For the first time my three year old nanny charge had the confidence to swim on his own (with armbands) today – very proud nanny moment!

Tomorrow we are heading to the zoo and Friday we are heading to trampolining again so I will update again later on!

Happy holidays!

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