Easy Peasy Card Making Activity

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27 Apr. 2017
Comments: 13
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By: Jenni

You don’t need many items for an easy peasy card making activity. As long as you have the basics then you are all sorted. You only need decorations, glue, card and that’s it.

On Monday after school the kids were tired. I could tell they needed a quiet activity to get on with. So I set up the table with some PVA glue, sequins, stickers, pens and paper. I suggested they could make some cards or a picture. I said they could decorate it however they wished.

Time to do some card making!

They decided to make some cards for their granny and I happily sat there chatting to them with a cup of tea. They drew some lovely pictures of themselves and their granny and wrote some lovely messages inside.

I find it useful and much easier to clean up by putting the decorations into separate bowls. It will make it easy for the kids to see and pick what decorations they wish to use. Plus I always like to use a separate table mat to make sure the tablecloth underneath doesn’t get dirty.

After a little while their little brother came along and joined in with us too!


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