Monster Plate Craft Kit for Children

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08 May. 2017
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By: Jenni

For Christmas my three year old nanny charge got various craft box activities which we have slowly been getting through. This Monster Plate Craft Kit by PlayWrite was one of them. I hunted around the internet and finally found them if you wanted to try it yourself. You can find them here. I find craft kits are great as the children I nanny love being crafty.

Monster Plate Craft kit

The box comes with some paper plates, shaped foam stickers and some paint with a paintbrush. It was a nice simple activity that the three year old really enjoyed.

I helped him pop out the foam pieces but I let him place the foam on the plates himself. He carefully examined the paper plate pictures on the front of the box to copy – which I found impressive as he hasn’t done this before. He managed to get the foam stickers in pretty much the same positions as shown on the box. With the painting, I just made the outline of the monster face for him and he painted the rest of the face.

Once your child has finished you could always use a hole puncher to add a couple of holes to each side of the plate. You could insert a piece of elastic through the holes and tie together to make a monster mask!

The great thing about this kit is that you don’t need to follow the example designs if your child doesn’t want to. Your child could use to paint their monster different colours and decorate it how they wish to.

The product is aimed for children aged 3 to 5 years old. I hope your children enjoy it as much as my nanny charge did!

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