Bedtime routine for a 3 and 6 year old

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30 May. 2017
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By: Jenni

I feel like a good bedtime routine is important. Especially on school nights.

The facts

It’s been proven that getting a good nights sleep is equally as important to eating a balanced diet and exercise. If your child doesn’t get a goods night sleep this can affect their overall mood and concentration the following day. Those who don’t sleep well are more likely to become overweight. This is because they eat more food throughout the day for extra energy. The three year old I nanny wants to eat all day long. He is usually after chocolate, crisps or something carby like pasta or biscuits. This is probably due to him still not sleeping through the night so he needs the extra energy!

Children aged 3-5 years should get between 10-13 hours sleep a night and children aged between 6-13 should get between 9-11 hours. Now, the boys I nanny for the 3 year old especially still doesn’t sleep through the night. So I try to get them to sleep by 7pm on school nights.

Our bedtime routine:

4:15pm – we get home from the school run. The boys will play for a while. I potter around sorting out the 6 year olds book bag and start sorting out tea.

4:30ish-5pm – Homework. Wednesday evenings is spellings and Thursdays is reading. Spellings always take longer, but reading is usually completed within 5 minutes! So we get some playtime.

5pm-5:20pm – Dinner time. The boys eat well and generally only take about 20-30 minutes max.

5:30-5:50ish – the boys play or watch a little television. I tidy up! Washing and drying up. Hoovering up dropped food. I Start running the bath and set out the pajamas. ‘Set up the rooms’ – turn down beds and close blinds and curtains.

5: 50ish-6:20 – bath time. After bath the boys clean their teeth and have their last wee wee before bedtime.

6:30 – all three of us snuggle down in the six year olds bed and the boys get to pick a story book each. I read their bedtime stories to them and kiss and cuddle the six year old and tell him goodnight! I take the 3 year old to his room and cuddle him to sleep. Then stealthily crawl out of bed to go downstairs to tidy up any remaining toys.

7pm – by 7pm I usually have the boys fast asleep!

On Friday evenings are a bit more relaxed. I don’t usually put the boys to bed – unless the three year old is falling asleep! I try to keep the boys up so mum and dad can spend time with them 🙂

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