How to make Oobleck! 

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14 Jun. 2017
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By: Jenni

This post is how to make Oobleck! Making Oobleck is so easy and quick to make and you only need two ingredients! The ingredients are probably in your kitchen cupboard already too 🙂

You may have noticed from my previous post on coloured shaving foam painting that I bought a book called ‘150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids’ that you can buy here. I used the same book again to get this recipe 🙂 there are so many recipes in here. Including different types of Oobleck you can make including glow in the dark Oobleck!

You only need cornflour and water. You can mix some food colouring or paint in too to make it colourful. If you don’t use any food colouring though it’s edible – although it wouldn’t taste nice I presume. But that means babies would be able to play with it and if they eat it, its ok.

Oobleck is a great mixture for kids. The texture is rather strange, it’s like liquid but when you squeeze it, it hardens. Then it melts again! Oobleck is gluten free, dairy free, nut free, egg free and soy free too! If you use tapioca starch instead of cornflour it will be corn-free as well.

We mixed a little bit of cornflour and water up inside three bowls and added a little bit of paint in each one. We used red, blue and yellow. Although the red turned out more like a pink colour. I allowed my nanny charge to mix the Oobleck to reveal secondary and tertiary colours 🙂 he was able to recognise green!

I set out baking pans for him to experiment with. He said he was making some cakes.

As you may remember from some of my previous posts I have spoken about my nanny charge not liking getting his hands dirty. Recently he has been more comfortable getting dirty and experimenting with different textures. After watching me squish the Oobleck, he started copying me. He started grabbing handfuls of the Oobleck and watching the mixture turn solid when he squeezed it and turn back into liquid when he held it loosely.

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