Homemade Playdough – Hob Method VS No Bake

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09 Jul. 2017
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By: Jenni

This week the three year old and I made some homemade playdough. Not just any old playdough though. Scented playdough! We made strawberry scented (pink), peppermint scented (green) and lemon scented (yellow).

I used my new 150 screen free activities book to bake some playdough on the hob. I’ve never tried this method before so I decided to give it a go.

Let’s just say, I wont be trying this method again. It took longer than it said it would and it didn’t quite work. The playdough wouldn’t stop sticking to the pan and I had already cooked it double to time it said to. The pan started burning so I decided to take it out. I managed to save it though, I chucked on some extra flour and oil and rolled it around until it was the right consistency.

I decided not to use the baking method for the other two lots so I reverted back to my old method. I used this method when I worked in nurseries as it only takes 5 minutes!

All you need:

– Two cups of plain flour

– 2 tablespoons vegetable oil

– 1/2 cup salt

– 2 tablespoons cream of tartar

– Up to 1.5 cups boiling water (add in a little at a time as you probably wont use all of it)

– food colouring and liquid scent (add in with the boiling water)

Mix all the dry ingredients together and mix well. Then boil the kettle and measure out 1.5 cups in a jug – add the food colouring and scents TO the boiling water. Gradually add the boiling water mixture to the playdough until it’s the right consistency.

Once the playdough was cool enough you and your kids can play with it! We used some playdough cutters and some dried pasta! We stuck some dried spaghetti into the playdough and pretended they were candles. The three year old enjoyed exploring the different colours and smells too! He liked the lemon scented the best and made some ‘lemon cake’.

Now even though I LOVE my recent purchase of the 150 screen free activities book – the hob method playdough wasn’t for me. But there are plenty of other activities that are amazing in there like making Oobleck and shaving foam painting.

The hob method

  • Takes at least 15 minutes to make
  • Very soft texture!
  • The next day we had to throw it away – it went sticky!

No bake method

  • Takes 4-5 minutes
  • Nice consistency
  • Can last up to 6 month if stored in an air tight container
  • Doesn’t dry out easily
  • Easy to make

I feel that the no bake method is more for me! I found it easier and much quicker! When your busy looking after children – the quicker method is often the best!