Easy Homemade Slime – Borax Free!

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14 Jul. 2017
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By: Jenni

I’ve finally found an easy recipe for homemade slime! That’s borax free and only has three ingredients! I personally don’t like borax. I’ve attempted making the slime at home first once using borax. Lets just say I ended up throwing it away because where I had inhaling the fumes it made me feel weird! I wasn’t going to let my nanny children play with it! So read on to know how to make some easy homemade slime.

All you need for easy homemade slime is just these three ingredients…

Washing up liquid


Olive/Vegetable oil

Optional 4th – Food colouring – you may need to add extra cornflour for consistency

The great thing about this recipe is that you could probably find these ingredients at your home already. So a good activity thats quick and easy to put together. Homemade slime is a nice activity as it encourages your children to explore their senses and encourages them to use their fine and gross motor skills including hand-eye co-ordination. Your children will also have the chance to explore other textures and start understanding consistency. Plus it may help your child focus and be engrossed in their play!

This is how we made it

Grab a mixing bowl and measure one cup of cornflour and half a cup of washing up liquid. Depending on what colour washing up liquid you use – your slime will be a hint of that colour. Pop the cornflour and washing up liquid into the mixing bowl and using a spoon mix together. Once it starts resembling a dry mixture, start squeezing it into a ball. Your dough will need some oil to make it stretchy! You will only need 1-2 teaspoons and I would recommend adding a little at a time. Stop when you get a consistency you are happy with. If you add too much it will get very sticky. If this happens, try adding more cornflour, you may able to save it.

Ta-da! You have made your own easy homemade slime! And without using any borax! Now let your children explore!

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