The Tasting Game! A Fun Activity for Children

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15 Aug. 2017
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By: Jenni

As you may know this week the kids and I have been doing some science experiments. I wrote about one experiment in my previous blog. If you are interested it was called what’s that smell? Click the link to go and read it. Another game we played was the tasting game! This game even I used to play as a teenager with one of my friends. The tasting game is really easy to set up and you only need a few items.

You need:

Various foods around the house

Tea spoon per child

Kitchen roll – for wiping spoon in between flavours

What you need to do is find various foods around the house and just pop a little on each tea spoon. I blind folded the kids while they tasted each sample for them to guess what it could be. Some of the flavours they really liked and some of the others they didn’t. But nevertheless, they all enjoyed it and found it hilarious.

They tasted:

Cream cheese


Apple sauce


Lemon juice




The game could have gone on for much longer but it was time to start cooking dinner so it had to come to an end. There are so many tastes you could introduce to your child with endless fun! Plus a good trick to encourage them to try different foods!

You could also try:




Various fruits or vegetables


Peanut Butter

And much more!

the tasting game

While you are getting your children to guess what they are testing, ask them some questions! It will get them thinking. This game is also great for communication and extending vocabulary.

Questions to ask during the tasting game:

Do you like that taste?

Which taste do you like the best?

Which taste do you like the least?

Can you describe the taste?

Can you guess the taste?

Go and try this activity out with your children and I’m sure they will love it!

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