10 Outdoor Children’s Activities – Fun and Free!

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18 Aug. 2017
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By: Jenni

Do you ever struggle with activities to do with your child that’s outdoors? Well, I have put together 10 outdoor children’s activities ideas here for you!

10 Outdoor Children’s Activities

        1. Go bug hunting!

One of my nanny children in particular loves bugs. He hates it when they come too near to him though and god forbid they land on him. But he loves just looking at them. Recently he invested in a magnifying bug viewer – which is great and easy to use. All you need to do is pop this magnifier over the top of the bug for a closer look. So no need to try and pick them up!

        2. Build a den

In my previous post you may remember that my nanny child and I had started building our own den. Hours of fun!

        3. Make some wild art

You could make a trail out of sticks or you could collect sticks, leaves, flowers and make a picture out of them. Get creative!

        4. Climb a tree

One of my twins favourite things to do in their garden is climb trees. I just have to let them go with it. They are good climbers and as much as I worry about them they are good at knowing how far to climb and which sticks to hold on to! Touch wood they haven’t fallen down yet… no pun intended.

        5. Go on a bear hunt

First of all if you haven’t read we’re going on a bear hunt, make sure you do! Every child I have read this to, loved it. It’s a nice book because it’s easy for your child to remember with it’s repetitive phrases.

        6. Run around in the rain

This may be some parents every worst nightmare. But it can be very fun! Get those wellies on, coats, all in ones and run, jump and play in the rain. Wear your kids out and have a nice bath waiting for them!

        7. Make a potion

The twins like making potions. All you need really is some old tuberware and some water add add dirt, flowers, leaves into your creation. To make it more authentic buying some test tubes is an option.

        8. Snail racing

Get some chalk and draw a little race track on your patio. Find some little snails and pop them at the starting line and see if they fancy joining in a race. If you little critter doesn’t want to play just pop him back!

        9. Hopscotch

Again, all you need is some chalk! I remember playing hopscotch at school as a child. It’s fun and a good way to get your child to do some exercise.

       10. Colour Scavenger Hunt

You may have notice in a previous blog of mine I had education.com write a guest post. If you haven’t read it, you can find it here. A colour scavenger hunt is a great way for your child to learn their colours and find these colours in their natural environment.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my 10 outdoor children’s activities that are fun and free. Please go and check out some of my other posts and don’t forget to share and subscribe!