Changing Bag Essentials: A Nanny Edition

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21 Aug. 2017
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By: Jenni

As a nanny, parent or guardian it’s always helpful to have a changing bag on your when you’re out and about. You never know when you may need it! Here is my list of my changing bag essentials…

  1. A spare pair of clothes (of two!) Not just for your child(ren) but also for yourself. I tend to leave a spare pair of clothes in my car when we are out and about, or even just a normal day at work. I often find I get dirty with messy play, peed on by one of my lovely children or vomited on.
  2. Nappies if you have a child who wears them
  3. Baby wipes – it doesn’t matter how old your child is, baby wipes are always a god send.
  4. Snacks – snacks are always vital in my changing bag! When my nanny children’s blood sugar goes down, so does their mood. It’s always good to be prepared to avoid moody children! If your child has a bottle then obviously these are a must to include in your changing bag
  5. A few toys – one of the families I nanny for I look after two boys. The youngest gets bored easily if we go into a restaurant. I find by taking a few small cars or tractors helps keep him still. It can be rather embarrassing otherwise chasing a small child around a restaurant! If your child has a comforter or a dummy – include those too!
  6. Hand gel – fairly often I find one of my children I care has touched or picked up something that’s dirty. Having some hand gel in your bag when your not close to any bathroom really comes in handy.
  7. Water bottles – again we all need to drink right?
  8. A sun hat and suncream on a hot day
  9. Calpol sachets. You never know when your child may spike a temperature.
  10. Nappy rash cream. My favourite one to use is metanium. I find in my experience, it works wonders.
  11. Tissues 
  12. Teething cream and teether toy – this one only really applies to younger children though
  13. Nappy sacks – to dirty tissues and wipes to soiled clothes, they are always handy.

There you have it. My changing bag essentials list!

I hope you found it useful!

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