Dream Jars: How to Make Your Own

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24 Aug. 2017
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By: Jenni

A few weeks ago I took one of my nanny children to make their own dream jar at Hobbycraft. As some of you may remember from one of my previous posts, Hobbycraft have been hosting craft sessions during the week over the school holidays for FREE. The craft sessions have been a great idea and attracted a lot of attention. Plus you end up buying some bits before you leave so it’s good for Hobbycraft too! Read on to find out how to make your own dream jars!

My three year old nanny charge has been very pleased with his dream jar that he made and he has hung it up next to his bed. He has a little electronic candle inside that we switch on at bedtime so make his bedroom nice and cosy.

Dream Jars are very easy to make. All you need is:

Jam jar

PVA glue

Different coloured glitter

Coloured paper

Coloured pens

Paint brush



electronic candle

Step one

Open up your jam jar and using your paint brush, spread some PVA glue all around inside.

Step two

Once inside is covered with glue, sprinkle in some glitter. A colour of your choice! You can add multiple colours. If you screw on the lid you can shake the glitter around to spread out.

Step three

When you have finished with the glitter, pop on the lid. You can add stickers to the lid if you like.

Step four

Tie the string around the lid in a way that you can hang it up.

Step five

Cut out a label that will fit your dream jar and write a sweet message. Stick the label on your dream jar. My nanny charge chose ‘Nighty night’ but you can write ‘sweet dreams’ or ‘dream big’ for example!

There you have it! Your very own dream jar! Once the glue has dried up inside, you can add your electronic candle.

These dream jars look really cute and acts as a nice night light if your child doesn’t like the dark.

If you missed out my last post where we visited Hobbycraft you can find it here where we made our own telescopes!

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