Busy, Busy, Busy Week!

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08 Sep. 2017
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By: Jenni

This week has been a busy, busy, busy week! Hence why my blogging game has been a bit pants lately. Where I have been so busy I have also been so tired.

Monday and Tuesday I was with the my nanny trio! (5 year old girl twins and a 3 year old boy) and the rest of the week I have been with my nanny boys. My hours have changed with my nanny boys this week so now I finish at 8pm! So getting home a lot later in the evening.

Wednesday though was one of my nanny boys birthday! He turned 4 years old! I have been with the boys for 2.5 years and started when he was 17 months old. Where he turned 4 after the cut off date he won’t actually start school until he is 5. However, he started the pre-prep at the school he will be attending on his birthday to celebrate with his friends.

He loves Paw Patrol and has recently got into Spiderman! So I got him some Paw Patrol pyjamas and a Spiderman costume.

Today (Friday) we have had a long day. In the morning I took the little one to his friends house for a playdate. His friend lives on a farm so his friend’s dad took him on one of his tractors! My four year old nanny charge who is tractor mad obviously loved it! We then took a walk along the apple orchards and picked some yummy apples.

When we got back we had some lunch and then left to then go to another playdate!

After lunch we picked up his brother after school and popped to the shop to pick up some pizza and garlic bread which we ate while having a picnic in front of the television for a while.

Now I am currently sitting here at just gone 10 o’clock babysitting the boys while their parents head out for some child free fun.

I apologies this blog may not be that exciting to some of you. It’s just a small catch up and regular fun activities will follow soon.

Enjoy your weekend with whatever you get up to!

I am heading to a games evening tomorrow night over at my friends house. When I say games evening, a group of us get together and play some board games… I will write a blog about that sometime with the kind of games we play. What do you think? It’s not the usual Monopoly or Cluedo you may be thinking of. But they are so much better, in my opinion!

See ya!