17 Jul. 2017

Now this is PERFECT if you are wanting to do a painting activity for your baby. But you don't need to worry about your baby eating the paint, because these finger paints are edible! So not only is your baby or child having fun painting but they are also exploring different tastes! Read on to to find out how to make your very own edible [...]

14 Jul. 2017

I've finally found an easy recipe for homemade slime! That's borax free and only has three ingredients! I personally don't like borax. I've attempted making the slime at home first once using borax. Lets just say I ended up throwing it away because where I had inhaling the fumes it made me feel weird! I wasn't going to let my nanny children play with it! [...]

09 Jul. 2017

This week the three year old and I made some homemade playdough. Not just any old playdough though. Scented playdough! We made strawberry scented (pink), peppermint scented (green) and lemon scented (yellow). I used my new 150 screen free activities book to bake some playdough on the hob. I've never tried this method before so I decided to give it a go. Let's just say, I wont [...]

28 Jun. 2017

So we are half way through the year now and I would have been blogging for a whole year in October. Although I have been blogging for 8 months so far there is still a lot for me to learn. I'm now self hosted and I have been for about two months. I'm glad I made the jump but I wont say it was easy. [...]

14 Jun. 2017

This post is how to make Oobleck! Making Oobleck is so easy and quick to make and you only need two ingredients! The ingredients are probably in your kitchen cupboard already too :) You may have noticed from my previous post on coloured shaving foam painting that I bought a book called '150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids' that you can buy here. I used the same book again [...]

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