20 Feb. 2017

When I first starting working as a nanny I struggled for ideas of what to get the parents for their birthday or Christmas. Whether it was a gift from the children or a gift from myself. So I thought I would put together a little parent gift guide to give other nannies some ideas or even parents to struggle thinking of gift ideas for their [...]

18 Feb. 2017

Treasure baskets are a great activity for young children, and doesn't have to cost any money as you can use items from around the house. In case your not sure what treasure baskets are they are a basket or box (hence the name) filled with different objects for babies and toddlers to explore. The main objects used inside treasure baskets are items from the real [...]

17 Feb. 2017

Take a look at this amazing mess free painting activity. Plus you wont even get messy. Sounds amazing right? All you need is for the mess free painting activity: Cling film Sellotape paint This is such a quick and fun activity to set up and mess free! To set up: Roll out your cling film over a table and then cut to size. Then you will [...]

13 Feb. 2017

It's Valentines Day tomorrow so it's time to start making some Valentines Day cards! My 3 year old nanny child made three. One for his parents, one for his brother and one for his little girlfriend! (Ok, not his girlfriend but they are like best friends!) Valentines Day Cards - We used: Red card - bent in half (foil card) White card Red paint White paint [...]

11 Feb. 2017

Nannying vs babysitting - have you ever wondered what the difference was between them? Quite a lot of people often get the two mixed up. It's probably just an accident as some people may not actually know that there's a difference. Only around 3 or 4 years ago I learnt that nannies actually existed and there are people like Mary Poppins and Nanny Mcphee out [...]

10 Feb. 2017

When you go for an interview it is always important to go prepared. Obviously you need to dress the part, be punctual, polite and professional. But attending nanny interviews I always find taking a portfolio my biggest asset. This list contains 10 things to include in a nanny portfolio. Things that you should have inside a nanny portfolio: Curriculum vitae Make sure that it is kept [...]

06 Feb. 2017

I love baking. Especially with children. I think it's important to teach children to cook/bake from scratch. Plus it's fun! Banana muffins are so yummy. I used to make banana bread but I find banana muffins easier and better in my opinion. They make great snacks and can be added to lunch boxes too. I use this recipe and it works every time. The muffins come [...]

04 Feb. 2017

Go Jumpin Take 2! Yesterday I thought I would surprise my 5 year old nanny charge after school. I had arranged a playdate for his little friend to come home with us for dinner and then to go to the trampoline place I had previously taken his 3 year old brother to (look at previous blog to find what happened!) Obviously he was over the moon to [...]

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