14 Nov. 2016

I love my nanny children – it’s all real. You spent a lot of time with your nanny children. Sometimes even more time than your own family or friends in the week. I’m honestly dreading the day where I will have to leave my nanny family. There will be many tears shed. I personally love being invited to the boys’ birthday parties. I also feel [...]

11 Nov. 2016

Today we started Christmas crafts! The 3 year old and I ventured into Hobbycraft to browse the already stocked Christmas section. I thought it would be a good idea to get a head start now so the crafts we make can be used as Christmas gifts for family members. We chose to do some deco patch! In Hobbycraft we found some deco art Christmas tree [...]

09 Nov. 2016

Soft play! Last week I took the toddler to soft play. Most of the time when I go in with him and play but sometimes he prefers to go in independently. I'm fine with this though. I enjoy going in the big soft play but if he prefers me to hang back, that’s fine. I just make sure I can see him. Plus going off [...]

25 Oct. 2016

Nannying can be a rather lonely career. Some nannies like myself are sole charge nannies. This means that the parents go away all day to work leaving me completely in charge of their children. I have to admit, I prefer it this way. Nothing personal to parents, I just find if the parents are around the children’s behaviour completely changes. This can make life rather [...]

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