06 Feb. 2017

I love baking. Especially with children. I think it's important to teach children to cook/bake from scratch. Plus it's fun! Banana muffins are so yummy. I used to make banana bread but I find banana muffins easier and better in my opinion. They make great snacks and can be added to lunch boxes too. I use this recipe and it works every time. The muffins come [...]

04 Feb. 2017

Go Jumpin Take 2! Yesterday I thought I would surprise my 5 year old nanny charge after school. I had arranged a playdate for his little friend to come home with us for dinner and then to go to the trampoline place I had previously taken his 3 year old brother to (look at previous blog to find what happened!) Obviously he was over the moon to [...]

02 Feb. 2017

My three year old nanny charge has been struggling learning colours. So I thought I would try a different approach to teaching him them. Also to check there wasn't a possibility he was actually in fact colour blind. Someone recently told my about the website twinkl.co.uk which is full of teaching resources used by schools. So I roamed their site and found some colour sorting [...]

19 Jan. 2017

I have been thinking recently about how nannying can be a little daunting in case of an emergency as you are working alone. I don't mean for the child because you should be first aid trained, I mean for yourself. Many nannies work small children such as babies and toddlers. What happens if you have a fall and injure yourself or become unconscious? Then what?! [...]

18 Jan. 2017

Who knew by doing something so quick and simple are sometimes the best activities? I arrived at work today to my mum boss showing me their new kitchen food processor with a blender attached. She told me that the 5 year old was eager to test it out. So my younger nanny child and I popped to the supermarket while the 5 year old was [...]

04 Jan. 2017

New beginnings. I have just started a new nanny position part time to slot in well with the boys. The role is with 5 year old girl twins and an almost 3 year old boy. I haven't had a lot of luck over the past few months finding the right family. Something has always been wrong. Whether it's been I didn't click well with the [...]

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