Trick or treat!

It’s that time of year again… Halloween! I love Halloween as there are SO many different activities you can get up to! The boys I nanny love being crafty and have a massive box of goodies which they call ‘The Mister Maker Box’. Unfortunately I am unable to show you all the pictures of crafts we have made as the boys are in them but I will share a few!

Thank goodness for Pinterest – if you haven’t heard of it check it out. It is a website with a huge range of pictures on any subject really. But for anyone who works with children and parents it’s amazing for inspiration on children’s crafts and activities.

So we made a spider in its web… All you need is a paper plate, paint, string, a pencil or scissors for poking holes, a tiny bit of glue and some googley eyes and that’s it! The first thing you need to do is make some holes around the edge of the plate. Then choose a colour to paint your plate and cover – then leave to dry a little. Time to get messy – next (preferably in a black, brown or purple paint – but any colour you desire) get your child to insert their hand(s) into some paint to make two hand prints – see image for placing. Stick the googley eyes on, you may need your spider to dry a little first. Once the paint has dried you can start threading your web on! Threading is great for those motor skills. Some children may need a little support or visual aid to thread the web around the plate! Once completed your spider in it’s web should be similar to this!


Add a little string to the back of the plate and you can hang him up in the house of decorate your house with for the trick or treaters!

We also made some little ghost figures. For this you will need some black or white card, some cotton wool, glue, scissors a pencil string and more googley eyes! Start by drawing a ghost on your card then cut out. Then you can start sticking your cotton wool on your ghost, followed by some googley eyes. Once completed you can add some string to the back to hang up!



I hope you all have a spooky halloween!


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