It can be lonely being a nanny

Nannying can be a rather lonely career. Some nannies like myself are sole charge nannies. This means that the parents go away all day to work leaving me completely in charge of their children. I have to admit, I prefer it this way. Nothing personal to parents, I just find if the parents are around the children’s behaviour completely changes, which can make life rather challenging for the nanny and the parents too.

Like I was saying, life as a nanny can be rather lonely. Of course you have the children to care for but I mean adult interaction. It’s not like a normal job where other workers surround you; it’s just yourself and the children you care for. Myself the only times I have an adult to interact with in the daytime is if I arrange play dates with other nannies or parents, go to toddler groups or during school pick ups. In my personal experience though during some toddler groups and during the school pick ups, as soon as you mention you’re the nanny and not mum, I get shut down and become almost invisible.

Ok, I’m not the parent but I believe that nannies are a rather important person in the children’s life. Some nannies work around 70 hours a week with their nanny children, some live in, you really do become part of the family. We don’t just take care of the childcare but we make sure everything runs smoothly while the parents are at work. Some nannies clean the house, do all the washing, ironing and dog walking amongst a load of other errands. I don’t clean my nanny family’s house or do the washing or ironing. Obviously I look after the boys, make sure my 5 year old does his homework everyday, arrange play dates, and take the boys out to numerous parks and libraries. But I also pick up groceries if I notice you’ve run out of something, return library books, go to school assemblies, take the boys to doctor appointments, take care of the animals, pick up parcels and the list honestly goes on. But our main priority as nannies is to care and love the children we care for and to make sure they are provided with opportunities to learn and thrive in our care.

I’m not complaining under any means. I have noticed in the nanny community that some nannies don’t feel valued, or appreciated. Sometimes as nannies all we need is recognition of our hard work by a simple – thank you. If the parents appreciate you, like mine do, being a nanny doesn’t feel so lonely. You feel like part of a family.




One thought on “It can be lonely being a nanny

  1. I agree- I am a nanny looking after twins in a new role, as they are babies I find it can be even more lonely. However, my last nanny job I looked after twins ( again!) from the age of 7months- 5years and I found I made friends by going to local groups and childcarer groups also. You are right its important to do that to get some adult interaction, and good for the children to meet up with other children regularly too 🙂

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