Diaries of a nanny on slimming world

I love slimming world. I have lost two stone and it is so easy and I would recommend it to anyone.

I don’t know if it’s the time of the year where it’s getting colder on approach to Christmas but recently at work I haven’t been able to control eating the boys’ chocolate stash. The 5 year old doesn’t mind but his brother loves his chocolate. So I have been hiding in the cupboard so the 3 year old doesn’t see me to decide he wants some. Because there would only be two outcomes:

  1. He will have a full blown meltdown if I don’t give him chocolate
  2. I give in and let him have chocolate and have to deal with the sugar rush and the battle of putting him down for his afternoon nap or to sleep that evening.

I’m not sure which outcome is worse.

So it is best to keep it a secret. What they don’t know can’t hurt them right? I mean technically I am doing them a favour, eating the unhealthy food for them…

The boys’ dad likes to buy them lots of chocolate and sweets so the cupboard is always full. And the boys’ mum tells me I can eat it. Which doesn’t exactly help my weight loss.

Surely I’m not the only one – surely there are other nannies, parents, guardians who find themselves in a cupboard eating the children’s sweets in secret…




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