Toddler dilemmas

Last week I took the 3 year old to soft play. Most of the time when we go I go in with him and play but sometimes he prefers to go in independently. I haven’t got an issue with this. I enjoy going in the big soft play but if he prefers me to hang back, that’s fine, just as long as I can see him. Plus going off on his own to play is important, it encourages him to play and socialise with others his own age and boosts his independence and confidence.

Later on I took the little one to the toilet (he is now fully toilet trained, one very proud nanny!) There was a parent in the toilet that started giggling as she overheard my conversation with my 3 year old. Basically he was telling me off and crying over the fact I had flushed away his wee wee for the next child. She joked about it being a rule of parenting not to flush the wee wee away. I then mentioned that I wasn’t his parent but his nanny. She then said “well if I had you as my children’s nanny I would be so happy as they would be well cared for as you obviously love him. I have been watching how engaged you are with him, the family are very lucky to have you”.

To receive this compliment absolutely made my day!


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