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Deco art!

Today we started Christmas crafts! The 3 year old and I ventured into Hobbycraft to browse the already stocked Christmas section. I thought it would be a good idea to get a head start now so the crafts we make can be used as Christmas gifts for family members.

In Hobbycraft we found some deco art Christmas tree decorations for only 50p each! Bargain. The 3 year old then selected the Christmas tissue paper he desired for his decorations.


Deco art is so easy and a great activity. It kept the boys entertained for over an hour! Deco art is pretty much paper mache but you use different coloured and patterned tissue paper called decoupage paper. Here is our end result…


There is a ton of models you can choose from to decorate besides Christmas themes. You can find different animals, boxes, masks, numbers, letters and lots more. If you would like to give it a go yourself take a look at the items you need:


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