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Go Jumpin!

This week I thought it would be a nice idea to take the 3 year old to a new trampoline park that has jumped opened in Tonbridge called ‘Go Jumpin’. I have been to the trampoline park in Maidstone with an old nanny child and it was so good. A massive room filled with trampolines, basketball arenas, a foam pit you can jump in and a ledge where you can act like gladiators with foam stick to knock each other down into a pit of foam. Pretty amazing in my opinion. The 3 year old didn’t agree.

So we turn up and first he seemed pretty excited. He was thrilled to put the special grip socks and his wristband on. He was also quite engaged during the safety video too. But once he saw the trampolines he completely freaked out. He has a trampoline at home that he loves so I was confused why he was throwing such a tantrum. First I thought he would calm down and play once we got on them but instead he ran back down to the table with our bags, instead of following him straight away I stayed put as this usually happens. He runs off at a safe distance and if I hold my ground and don’t follow him he would run back to me. Not this time though He ripped off his grip socks and made a run for it all the way back we came to the entrance. I managed to get hold of him just in time he made it outside.

A very nice lady who worked there who probably felt a bit sorry for us gave the 3 year old a free packet of crisps to console him. He scoffed those and once he had finished I decided to try and show him the other children jumping and how fun it really was to bounce. To which he responded by shouting “I don’t want to bounce, I want to go back to the car”.

I tried encouraging him to bounce with him in my arms but that didn’t go down well either. Perhaps I will only take his brother next time…



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