Salt Dough Handprints Activity for Children

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25 Nov. 2016
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Today the 3 year old and I made some salt dough. Salt dough is really easy to make. You need 1 cup of salt, 1 cup of flour and a little bit of water. Mix them all together to make a dough. You can make all sorts with salt dough. You could make hand prints, foot prints, christmas tree decorations, ornaments, jewellery and the list goes on. The 3 year old wanted to make his hand print though this time.

First he mixed up all the ingredients and made his dough and used a rolling pin to flatten it out. He then firmly pressed down his hand to make a print.

We popped it in the oven to bake until firm at 200°c (fan oven) for about 40 minutes.
We got it out and let it cool down a little before we painted it! The 3 year old mixed up some blue and white paint to make a baby blue colour and decorated it once cooled enough.

This is our end result…

Nice little activity and keepsake 🙂

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