Nanny Contracts – What Should be Included?

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28 Nov. 2016
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Nanny Contracts

Some nannies are not always certain about what things should be included in nanny contracts. It’s important to have a contract with your nanny family, like any job. It’s also important that we get what we are legally entitled too as well. Here are some points that you should look out for. This would also be helpful for potential nanny employers.


All the legal websites I have come across such as states that all workers are legally entitled to 5.6 weeks of holiday. If you work part time, this would be pro rata. Your employers may include bank holidays in your holiday entitlement or may give you this on top. That is up to your employer. Some families wish to share your holiday entitlement. For example you would pick when you take half and they get to pick the other half.

Car use

Do you need to use your own car or your employers car? Some families prefer you to use their car if they do not need it on your working day. This will save them from paying expenses. If you are to use your own car, you are entitled to expenses. Expenses cover mileage and wear and tear. The advisory rate is 45p per mile, which most nannies get. But this is a question to raise with your employer.


Make sure you have a GROSS salary rate in your contract. Employers are responsible for paying you TAX and NI. So if your contract states a GROSS amount your TAX and NI will be deducted from this total.

Working hours

Make sure your contract states your working hours and the rate of pay if you are required work any overtime.

Banking hours

No banking hours. If your family decide they don’t need you to work on your contracted working day and you are willing to work – they should still pay you fully.


Some nanny families add in if they will be providing your meals. Especially if your live in. I have been with a family before where I started early before school drop off and finished late after school pick up and my breakfast and dinner was included in my contract.


Are you entitled to a pension? As of March/April 2017 my nanny family have to legally start paying into a pension scheme for me.

Pay day date

Having the date of the month you are due to be paid stated in your contract. Some nannies make sure a clause is added stating that if the family are late in paying by the agreed date, then the family are responsible for any bank charges etc.

Childcare vouchers

If you are Ofsted registered some families will use childcare vouchers to pay you. Some nanny families offer to pay your Ofsted registration – make sure this is clear in your contract of who needs to pay this. Sometimes 50/50 payment is a good idea – parents pay half the nanny pays half too.

Kitty money

Make sure kitty money is included in your contract. For example money for taking the children out to groups, outings etc.

Notice period

What will your notice period be? Most notice periods is one month. But I have been in some positions where my notice period has been 6 weeks and one position 3 months notice! It is best to try and stick to one month and 3 months is rather long!

Job title

If you are expected to do any house work make sure that this is stated in your contract and what jobs you are responsible for. If you are responsible for house work them your job title may be nanny/housekeeper.

Sickness procedure

What should you do when you are sick? Do you get SSP?

Household rules

Some contracts include rules such as no smoking in front of the children or on site, avoiding smokers entirely, asking for permission prior for house visitors such as other nannies, not using the house phone or personal mobile (or just in emergencies).

Normal duties

Make sure you have a list of your duties stated in your contract. This is important for the nanny so they know what is expected of them.

Live In nannies

If you are live in – have stated about what is included. For example, your own room, bathroom, meals, furniture.

Important details

There are some certain important details that should be included within your contract. Such as the name of your employer, working address and contact details of your employer. Make sure you also include the names and ages of the children in your care.

Probationary period

Will there be a probationary period? If so, how long?


Make sure your employer has added they will provide you with payslips and a p45.  The contract should also state they your employer will be responsible for paying your Tax and National insurance.

Confidentiality terms

Your contract should include confidentiality terms and conditions.

Make sure your start date is clearly stated on your contract and is signed by both parties!

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