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Christmas is coming

Today the 5 year old was off school sick so I made sure we had plenty of Christmas activities set up. We watched the Christmas film ‘The Snowman’, we did some deco-art and we made some salt dough Christmas tree decorations and snowmen.

20161207_165440 20161207_165222

We bought some Christmas cookie cutter in John Lewis to make a snowmen, Christmas trees and some holly.

To make the salt dough is really easy. You only need one cup of flour, one cup of salt and a little bit of water. You mix them all together and knead into a dough. Then just roll of dough out and you can cut out shapes. After we cut out our shapes we just got a pencil and made a hole so we can thread in some string to hang them on the Christmas tree.

With our snowmen we just rolled out three balls, one bigger than the other and stacked them like you would with a normal snowman.

We popped our shapes and the snowmen in the oven at 200c for 20-40 minutes. The shapes were ready before the snowmen as they are smaller.

Once cooled we painted and decorated our creation



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