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Fruit smoothies

Who knew by doing something so quick and simple are sometimes the best activities?

I arrived at work today to my mum boss showing me their new kitchen food processor with a blender attached. She told me that the 5 year old was eager to test it out. So my younger nanny boy and I popped to the supermarket while the 5 year old was at school to pick out some fruit. We decided to pick up some bananas and strawberries!

During school pick up my nanny child couldn’t wait to share his news with me and explain he has a surprise at home! So I replied “I have one too!”

He was estatic that I had gone out that day to buy some fruit and even more overjoyed about showing me the new gadget.

Anyway, the five year old took charge and chopped up the strawberries and bananas and even set up the food processor. He made smoothies all by himself. I wasn’t even needed! Professional cook in the making?

Safe to say, I definitely recommend it!




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