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Working alone

I have been thinking recently about how nannying can be a little daunting in case of an emergency. I don’t mean for the child because you should be first aid trained, I mean for yourself.

Many nannies work small children such as babies and toddlers. What happens if you have a fall and injure yourself or become unconcious? Then what?! The children you care could be too small to help you. It’s quite a scary thought, laying unconcious when there’s a small child next to you feeling scared and alone.

Today I decided to take my 3 year old to the park while his brother was at school. We were happily kicking leaves and testing out the climbing frames. Even testing out the gym equipment and assault course for the older children. Of course I supported him throughout and held his hand. I wouldn’t let him put himself in harms way.

However, during the assault course I was holding his hand while he was on the balance beam and as I decided to switch sides so he was more supported, I slipped in the mud and fell. On the way wacking my head on a wooden beam. My 3 year old was fine. He jumped down and pulled me back up. But for the rest of the day I haven’t been feeling too good. What if I couldn’t get back up? We were alone in that park.
When we got back after the school run I decided to sit down with my 5 year old and teach him what to do in an emergency! He now knows to call 999 if I really hurt myself and can’t wake up.

I would strongly reccomend all nannies/parents/guardians if possible to teach their children about what to do in an emergency. It could save your life at the end of the day.


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