Animals · Nannying


Harrypottermous. No, this isn’t the name of one of my nanny children. This is the name of their family pet cat.

He is a gorgeous cat. But this morning he was just determined to make us late!

I arrived at work and all three children had just woken up and in their pjs. I got everything ready. Battled with all three children to get them dressed – trust me this morning it was difficult. The parents had just left and the twins were upset. Then when I asked them to get dressed, their reaction was to scream and shout at me. This finally resulted in me having to seperate them to get ready.

Once I had finally won the battle of getting them get dressed, we had breakfast, brushed teeth and decided on a hairstyle we were finally out the door. Just with an extra guest. Harry.

Everytime I put one of the children in their car seat, opened a door or put bags and coats into the boot, in jumped Harry. After the 5th or 6th time of removing Harry from the car we were ready to leave.

Harry decided that wasn’t the end.

Harry jumped on the car bonnet in a protest of joining us on the school run.

Thanks for that Harrypottermous. 👍


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