Unicorn family

I have recently come across the phrase ‘unicorn family’. At first I wasn’t sure what this meant so I’ve been asking around. What is a unicorn family?

Of course, I googled ‘unicorn family’ first. Which told me that a unicorn family is a family that is, simple put, too good to be true. So what attributes does a ‘unicorn family’ need?

I then went to my various nanny forums to ask, what other nannies think make the perfect nanny family?

  1. Having your nanny family parents value and respect you. To acknowledge the importance of your role and your knowledge and professionalism.
  2. To have your back and work together. To support you! These are their children after all and they employ you to help them care and raise their children. Our job as nannies is also to teach and guide their children down the right path. This path includes manners and respect. It’s important for the parents to have your back in these circumstances.
  3. Obviously to have the professional relationship, but also to genuinely get along with each other. The parents must be kind and thoughtful.
  4. To include you. Some nannies. like myself, are invited to the children’s birthday parties. Some nannies are invited to other occasions and dinners out – or invited over for dinner. Some nannies are actually included as part of the family. Some nannies are included in family photos. A lot of nannies have told me that they feel part of the family and love it.
  5. Being appreciated. Being thanked. Your hard work is recognised!

Looking over these answers, they’re not difficult things to achieve. If you have a nanny, if you do all these things already, fantastic! If not, it’s not too late to do these things! It’s not too late to become a unicorn family!


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