10 Things to include in a nanny portfolio

When you go for an interview it is always important to go prepared. Obviously you need to dress the part, be punctual, polite and professional. But attending nanny interviews I always find taking a portfolio my biggest asset.

Things that you should have inside a nanny portfolio:

  1. Your qualifications –  any childcare qualifications is a must. I have also added my GCSE and A levels too. Just that added language certificate just may make you stand out.
  2. Your DBS, formally known as CRB. You must make sure this is constantly up to date and clean.
  3. First aid training certificate (EPI pen training certificate if you’ve got one). Also make sure you get your  first aid training renewed every 3 years. Epi pen training is after every year.
  4. Oftsed certificate if you have one. Being Ofsted registered is a bonus to some parents as they will be able to pay some of your wages by using childcare vouchers.
  5. Any training certificates you own – health and safety, safeguarding, food hygiene, nutrition, child behaviour etc.
  6. Your updated CV
  7. References – any written references from previous nanny families, work experience, babysitting or previous employment in the childcare sector. All of the nanny interviews I have been to all parents and guardians are always looking for previous childcare experience.
  8. Nanny insurance certificate – I am with Morton Micheal but I also know of Pacey.
  9. Policies – Where I have been previously Ofsted registered I have written my own policies such as a medicine policy.
  10. A personal touch – you could add your accomplishments working with children, the sort of activities you enjoy planning for the children in your care, the places you would be interested in taking your nanny children. Or even better, having photos of the previous crafts you have done with your previous nanny children to prove  you are a creative and fun nanny.

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