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Parent Gift Guide

When I first starting working as a nanny I struggled for ideas of what to get the parents for their Birthday or Christmas. Whether it was a gift from the children or a gift from myself. So I thought I would put together a little gift guide to give other nannies some ideas or even parents to struggle thinking of gift ideas for their significant other from the children.


  • As always homemade cards are always a nice gift
  • Every year I like to make a personalised photo calendar for the following year filled with pictures of the boys I had taken that year. It’s really special and sometimes a surprise if they haven’t seen particular photos. I usually use Visaprint. I have always found them really good and they often have promotional offers on.
  • This Christmas just gone I made my bosses a hamper. They weren’t expecting it and they loved it. I added in some wine for mum, some ale and cider for dad, various cheeses, crackers, cheesy biscuits and some wild boar pate. I ordered the hamper set off Ebay too. The set came with the basket, straw for inside the hamper and the plastic wrapping with a bow.
  • Baked goods – gingerbread men, peppermint creams

Christmas Hamper.png


  • Last year I got a photo of the boys holding a chalk board with ‘We love Daddy’ written on it. I got the photo printed and bought a lovely photo frame to put it in. Dad loved it!
  • Homemade birthday card from the children
  • Homemade candles for mum! You can buy all the bits from Hobbycraft or online. See my previous blog on homemade candles and you see a step by step on how to make them and all the ingredients needed.
  • Homemade jewellery. I plan on getting the boys to make a homemade necklace for mum on Mother’s Day this year. I found this really cute necklace online at



  • Flowers! My mum boss loves flowers. Every week she gets new ones so flowers are generally a good shout
  • A homemade coupon for a night of free babysitting!
  • Baked goods, why not try baking a birthday cake?

8 thoughts on “Parent Gift Guide

  1. What a lovely way of gifting, thinking on a personal level. I imagine the photos are lovely to get, because you don’t always see what others see, and may miss out on something (as a parent). Very thoughtful.


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