Sensory Play: Dinosaur Ice Excavation!

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26 Feb. 2017
Comments: 42
Views: 1454
By: Jenni

It’s a Dinosaur Ice Excavation!

I recently found this dinosaur ice excavation activity online and in my opinion it looked pretty awesome. So I may have planned it for my own selfish reasons. But luckily the three year old actually enjoyed it and I wasn’t the only one playing!

It’s so easy to prep too. If you already have little plastic dinosaurs – perfect – if not, there is nothing saying you have to use dinosaurs. You could use any figurines really.

I found some tuberware in the cupboard, popped a couple of dinosaurs in each container and then filled them up with water so the dinosaurs were only just covered. I put them in the freezer and once completely frozen we could then play!

Let’s dig for Dinosaurs!

The three year old already had a builders kit containing a pretend saw, hammers, drill and pliers. So he used these to try and break the ice. When he had almost broken the dinosaurs out of the ice he tried biting way through the ice!

I also placed the ice in a meal baking tray as the ice cubes are going to melt!

Toward the end I showed the three year old what happens if we pour warm water over the ice cubes so he could watch them melt!


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