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Imaginative play: Cooking

Usually my three year old nanny charge couldn’t care less that he has a toy supermarket stand with a load of pretend food. So I thought I would change things up a little to encourage him to play with it!

There was a little bit of cardboard that was on top of the recycling pile so I just used that. I used two different sized saucepans and drew around them on top of the cardboard to resemble cooking hobs. Then found a child height chest and popped the cardboard on top.



I provided saucepans, cooking utensils, wooden spoons, cutlery, plates, cups, bowls, pretend food and a little bit of real food.

wp-image-667962957jpg.jpg wp-image-147505097jpg.jpg

My three year old loved it. He started to pretend to cook, dish up food, pour drinks and eat!


If you don’t already own some pretend food you can find it here. This pretend food set is great because it comes with a pretend knife and chopping board so you can cut the food up, how fun!


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