Coloured Shaving Foam Painting

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09 Jun. 2017
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By: Jenni

I have just bought a new book from Amazon and it’s amazing and I highly recommend it! It’s called ‘150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids’ and you can buy it here. The first activity we did from tis book was coloured shaving foam painting!

All you need for coloured shaving foam painting:
  1. Shaving foam
  2. Food colouring – however we didn’t actually have any… so we just used a little bit of ready mixed paint

I used a muffin baking tray to put the shaving foam paint in. Just squirt a little into each section. We used the gel shaving foam so we stirred the gel to make a foam. Add a few drops of food colouring or paint into each section and mix together.

It only takes 5 minutes to set up and you probably already have the items at home.

I did this activity with my three year old and my six year old nanny charge when he finished school. I used to same foam paint too.

The three year old loved this activity. At first he started using the paintbrushes I provided but then he started using his hands.

I think the three year old enjoyed the feel of the foam. He was squishing it in his hands and rubbing the foam all over his picture. He has never been one for getting dirty but he made an exception for this foam painting!

The six year old also enjoyed joining in. He was very careful and very precise where he wanted to paint. When he had finished he called it his ‘masterpiece’. He was showing me the outcome when he tried mixing the various foam paints.

Once the boys were finished it was so easy to clear up to! I wouldn’t recommend doing this activity with babies though. Just because the ingredients aren’t edible and babies may eat the mixture!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Don’t forget to go and check out the book on Amazon and possibly think about buying it. It’s worth every penny. It’s perfect for nurseries and schools too.

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