Toilet Training Tips

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12 Jun. 2017
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By: Jenni

One of my 3 year old nanny charges is now completely toilet trained! I thought I would write a little post on some little tips that I find helpful toilet training. I have helped toilet train so many children over the past 5 years working in nurseries and nannying that I have lost count. So this is what I have learnt so far!

Readiness for potty training

Make sure that the child is ready! You shouldn’t force your child to toilet train when they are too young and just not ready. Your child’s confidence may be affected if they are toilet training too early as they may not have the bladder control and just not developmentally ready yet.

Stick to it

If you are going to go for it and have considered the above, my advice is STICK TO IT! Don’t try for two days and give up and put your child back in nappies and try again a few days later. In my personal opinion this is confusing!

Buy the right equipment

With my nanny child we introduced the potty and the toilet. The toilet also had a special insert added – just an extra toilet seat clipped onto the normal one. This toilet seat was a little smaller so he didn’t fall down. However, my three year old preferred the adult toilet seat. I also found there were less ‘misfires’ with the normal toilet seat.

Boys can (in my experience) take longer

I have found in my experience girls are a lot easier to toilet train than boys. Boys are generally, not always, toilet trained a bit later and sometimes can take longer.

More on boys

Boys can be a bit trickier in other aspects. You will sometimes need to adjust them to make sure they are aiming into the toilet bowl. Sometimes this doesn’t always work – sometimes you will just be peed on. Sorry.

It is best to teach boys to have sit down wee wees first before standing up. Trust me, it could get messy otherwise.

Pull ups vs pants

Some families like to use pull ups and some like to go straight for pants. There are many debates about what is best. To be honest, I have good and bad experiences with both. So I feel it just depends on the child.

For example, with pull ups I have found they can be good to start out as your child can get used to pulling down the nappy just like pants. Pull ups are also supposed to be thinner than normal nappies to help your child recognise when they are using it. However, sometimes your child could just associate the pull up with a normal nappy. With my nanny child we started off using pull ups and then just put him in pants when he started going to the toilet more frequently. At first there were many accidents, but that’s fine. He got the hang of it in the end.

Try, try and try again

There will be accidents, and that’s ok. You will need lots of spare clothes on hand. Make sure that you pack lots of spare clothes if your child attends a nursery setting and make sure the staff know so they can carry on!

Reward chart

Think about using a sticker or reward chart. You could also offer a smartie for every time your child has a wee or poo! Make sure you praise your child, praise is key!


Buying books on toilet training can be helpful for children. I have found ‘Pirate Pete’s Potty‘ and ‘Princess Polly’s Potty’ to be good books to use!

Take your child frequently at first

Go to the toilet frequently just to ‘have a go’. I encouraged my nanny child, and previous children in my care, to go to the toilet around every 20-30 minutes.


Leave the night time nappy, for now

Don’t ditch the night time nappy just yet. My nanny charge still wears a night time nappy even though he wears pants in the day. Wait until the nappy is dry in the morning to start thinking about that!

Be patient

Be patient with your child. Every child learns differently and at different paces.

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