Father’s Day Crafts for Children!

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16 Jun. 2017
Comments: 45
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By: Jenni

Father’s Day is this Sunday so this week I have been doing some Father’s Day crafts ready for the weekend! With the three year old we did some modelling with some air dry clay.

I got my three year old nanny charge to mould the air dry clay into a small coaster for his daddy for his cups of coffee. You may need to help your child with this. I gave my three year old a pen to poke some holes around the edge as decoration but you could use their fingerprints instead. I helped him poke some letters that said ‘we’ and ‘daddy’. We left a space in the middle between the letters to print his thumb prints to make a heart shape.

We let the coaster dry out in the utility room which is the hottest room in the house. The drying out only took overnight for us but it can take a couple of days. Some people like to put their air dry clay into the oven to speed up the process. The oven method is OK but it can be risky. You don’t want your model to dry out too much and crack or bubble.

Once dried out you will need some paint. We used black and tangerine as they are their daddy’s favourite colours! We used a little bit of red to paint the heart.

My six year old nanny charge painted a canvas for his daddy. My six year old nanny charge has been learning about Africa at school so he painted a picture of Africa. When he had finished he painted ‘I love daddy’ to make it extra special.

The three year also came home with a Father’s Day card and gift from nursery today too. The gift he made was his hand print. Either made from salt dough or air dry clay again! The handprint was moulded round to make a bowl. How cute is that?

I hope you all enjoy Father’s Day this Sunday and I hope you try out some of these craft ideas. I have planned a Father’s Day/birthday BBQ for the family and my other half. So in total we have 17 people coming over to our new house!

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