Halloween Monster Jars Crafts

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14 Sep. 2017
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By: Jenni

Yesterday my nanny child and I made some halloween monster jars! My four year old nanny child loves monster books so I thought he would enjoy making some monster jars too. His 6 year old brother loves jammy sandwiches so we had plenty of empty jam jars in the recycling to use.

This activity is very easy and would be great even for little ones!

How to make Halloween monster jars

You need:

Empty jam jars

Green and red paint

Black felt tip

Masking tape

Toilet roll

Paint brushes

PVA glue

Googly eyes

Monster Jar Method

To make the monster jar is really easy. Get some green paint and paint all around inside the jam jar. When covered, pop the lid on. Mix some red paint with some PVA glue and paint around the rim of the lid. The red paint and PVA mix will drip down to give a cool bleeding effect.

Glue on one googly eye and using the black marker pen draw a cross for the missing eye and mouth. Rip up some masking tape and stick on the monster jar to resemble plasters.

This one is definately our favourite out of the two!

Ghost Jar Method

Using another jam jar (we used a big one!) glue all around the outside of the jar. Wrap some toilet paper around the jar. Glue on two googly eyes and using the black marker pen draw on a scary mouth!

When you are finished you can even add the pretend flickering pretend candles for an extra spooky effect! You can find them here.

These monster jar would be perfect for Halloween next month too!

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