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18 Sep. 2017
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By: Jenni

New Blog Design

Some of you may have noticed that I have a new blog design on Nanny Jenni! If you haven’t make sure you check it all out. I have a new banner design and some beautiful category buttons. If you like them and are interested on who designed them for me go and check out Ellie Illustrates. This is her website

Ellie Illustrates

I had to wait for a few months as she was fully booked but that gave me enough time to have a think of what I would like for my design.

First of all, Helen (the designer) was so helpful and she emailed me some other designs she had created for other blogs for some ideas. Helen took in ALL my considerations and changed anything that I didn’t like. To be honest, there was nothing that I didn’t like. I just wanted two tiny tweaks. But she didn’t mind at all!

You can find the prices here.

My top banner has a cartoon version of myself and my two nanny boys who have been with for 2.5 years now, who I write a lot about. Helen even added in the little trains and robots that they love to play with! She even added a lovely spotty background for me.

I HIGHLY recommend using Helen at Ellie Illustrates, I love her designs and she is very professional.

Other Designs

Go and check out some more of her designs over at Odd Socks and LollipopsOld House in the Shires and Global Mouse.

Ellie Illustrates