Nanny Jenni’s Travels to San Francisco

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01 Nov. 2017
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By: Jenni

San Francisco

A few weeks ago some of you may know that I went to San Francisco with one of my nanny families! I haven’t managed to sit down and write about our travels yet, I have been very over whelmed with work at the moment and haven’t found the time or motivation in all honesty. Sometimes you do just need to step back from blogging, especially when you have a lot on your plate!


San Francisco was amazing and my nanny children and I did and saw so much! The journey on the way there went well but it was just very long! The boys were both very well behaved on our way out actually and kept themselves amused. By the time we arrived and made our way to the apartment we would be staying out we didn’t do a lot. We popped out to a supermarket to grab some food supplies for the week. I haven’t visited America prior to our trip so I wasn’t expecting food shopping to be so much different compared to the UK. The amount of chocolate, sweets and even the cereal aisle was overwhelming! Even though my nanny family told me just to add any food to the trolley I wanted to there was just way too much for me to choose from!

Day One 

On our first day we grabbed a muni bus into uptown to ride the cablecar! Riding the cable cars are quite a popular attraction so we actually were queuing for over an hour. Obviously a mandatory picture was taken of myself and the boys on the cable car. We rode the cable car to Fishermans Wharf to walk along the piers.

We visited the sour dough factory which I would highly recommend if you visit by the way. I got slightly addicted to eating the sour dough bread over there. Plus the can make them in a variety of different animals. You could buy a loaf or bread shaped as a teddy bear, a turtle or an alligator for example!

The boys had a play on the beach for a while before we went on a boat trip. The boat took us along the bay and under the Golden Gate bridge. The boys enjoyed wearing their new hats they had bought earlier on. They choose the Clown fish and RD-D2!

 Day Two

The next day the parents had to go and do some work as San Francisco was a business trip for them. So I had the boys to myself for the day 🙂 I took the boys to Golden Gate park to explore. We accidentally gate crashed a local San Francisco mums fair and managed to get a lot of free food samples and a few Halloween treats. To be fair no body questioned us the whole time and there wasn’t any signs so we weren’t to know!

We found a couple of children’s play areas we played in for a while and then met the boys parents after they had finished with their work. We hired a pedal boat and pedalled around Stow Lake in Golden Gate park! Afterwards we made our way downtown to a beach. However, the wind started to pick up so me and the little one hid behind a sand dune to avoid freezing and getting sand blown in our faces. Later on that evening, I had to wash the boys hair twice to remove all the sand!

Day Three

The parents were back at work so I took the boys to visit the Cable Car Museum. It was small but they still enjoyed it. We then hopped on a cable car down to the beach again for a play. Even though San Francisco is known to by quite windy and foggy we struck lucky with the weather. Most of the time it was really sunny and warm.

We went to The Original Ghirardelli Ice Cream & Chocolate Shop after the beach. The boys had some ice cream and I treated myself to a salted caramel pumpkin spice milkshake. It was surprisingly nice! So I decided to grab some of the chocolates from the shop next door to bring home.

Day Four

We visited San Francisco’s Aquarium! It was the best Aquarium I have visited before and I even hired a buggy. My youngest nanny charge fell asleep and I didn’t fancy lugging him around and I didn’t want to wake him up. The little one struggled a little with his sleep over there, he would wake up in the night more so and would easily fall asleep by 6pm every night!

At the Aquarium the were sharks, jellyfish, sea otters, sting rays and octopuses, plus so much more! We even got to touch some sting rays, star fish and a sea cucumber. The hardest part of the Aquarium was the gift shop. Obviously the boys couldn’t buy anything too big otherwise it wouldn’t fit in the suitcase in the way back home and the little one really wanted to choose this huge sea otter toy. Lets just say there was lots of tantrums! The boys settled on a toy octopus which has been named ‘Octopussy’ and a toy seal called ‘Wiggy’.

After the Aquarium we met the boys parents at one of the piers so we could get a boat to go and visit ALCATRAZ! Alcatraz was the main place I wanted to go and see when I was out there which I was so thankful I managed to visit. The 6 year old was fascinated the whole time and really payed attention to listening to his audio guide. The four year old just liked that he got to have headphones on!

If you ever visit San Francisco make sure you go and see Alcatraz, it’s a must see. The history is fascinating.

Day Five

This was our last full day here and I took the boys over to the Science Museum in Golden Gate park. The museum had lots to offer for children including penguins and an albino alligator! There was also a Dinosaur section where the boys enjoyed to pretend to be pterodactyl – it was a a game where you can fly like one and try to catch some fish.

Later on we met the boys parents uptown to get some dinner. Dad took the boys so me and mum could do some shopping child free. I bought some nice clothes in Abercrombie and Fitch! Also if any of you are a Walking Dead fan you may also appreciate these figures I bought!

Day Six

Leaving day! Once we were all packed up we wondered back uptown to visit some shops to get some last minute souvenirs and so the boys could spend some time on the beach before we had to go. I took this time to go off on my own for the first time since being there. Plus it gave the parents a chance to spend some time with the boys alone. I went in some shops on pier 69 including the Bubba Gump gift store. It was nice spending some time on my own, I even tried my first churro. Later on I picked up some lunch from a place called ‘In N out’ which is basically a Mcdonalds over here, just nicer!

I would like to visit San Francisco again, but probably child free. I would have liked to try different places to eat mainly, including eating at Bubba Gump. But overall I had a wonderful time!

The journey home wasn’t too bad. It was a night flight but I forced myself to stay awake so I didn’t get too jet lagged. But I was very jet lagged when I got home. It took 6 days to get back to a normal sleeping habit!

I hope you enjoyed hearing about our trip to San Francisco, I will resume posting as normal from now on 🙂