A Guide for a Travelling Nanny

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16 Dec. 2018
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By: Jenni

Once again I am travelling with one of my nanny families! One of the many perks of being a nanny is that sometimes you get the opportunity to travel. With this family I have been to Edinburgh a few times, San Francisco and now Ellmau which is in Austria.  My main responsibility is picking up the 5 year old from ski school and entertaining him for the rest of the afternoon. Which will most likely include having a few skiing lessons and I’ve heard talk about taking him to a waterpark! I’ve never been skiing before so I am little bit nervous but it should all be fine!

I’ve been nannying for four years now and travelled a little and along the way have learnt different things. Information that nannies and employers should consider when taking their nanny away with them. When I first started nannying I didn’t have a clue how it would all work out. So I thought by writing down what I have learnt over the last few years may help other nannies and employers who are considering travelling together. 

The Advantages Bringing Your Nanny 

Now there are many perks for bringing your nanny along with you on holiday. They can entertain your children while you can relax or have a siesta! The parents can have some quality time alone for a while knowing that their children are in good hands and are having fun on their holiday still. In the evening, you could also go out for a special meal child free! 

Obviously it’s important to sit down with together before you go away and discuss the plan before you go. For example what hours you would want your nanny to work in the day/evening and what time off your nanny would get. This way everyone knows the plan before you go and can raise any questions before going. 

Things To Consider 

Here are some things the parents are expected to pay for when you take your nanny away with you. All flights, travel, accommodation, food and entry fees for any days out he/she does with the children must be paid by the employer. If your nanny works over their contracted hours in the week then they should be paid overtime at the agreed rate. If you place your nanny in the same room as your children then you should be paying them for this as she is technically on the clock and will ultimately be caring for your children still. Myself personally have always received my own room or my own apartment. 

For example, my nanny family has always paid for my flights, travel costs, accommodation and food. When we travelled to San Francisco I took the children out everyday while the parents were at work. All my entry fees were covered – aquarium and science museum and travel costs when using public transport. The only thing the nanny should be expected to pay for is personal items like gifts and souvenirs.  

Once again I stress that you should have a discussion with your nanny each time you plan on taking her away with you. Discuss hours and the general plan on things so you are all on the same page. Communication is key! Some nannies even like to have all of this information then written down for peace of mind. 

I hope some of your have found this helpful and that you have a lovely holiday together!